Genome Size Analysis

Automated Feulgen Optical Density

Using Feulgen staining to linearly stain DNA contained in cell nuclei, BIOQUANT calculates the genome size of a target species based on the genome size of a referent species.

Customize Filters and Batch Scripts for Fast Counting

Automatic cell detection algorithms recognize cell nuclei in blood smears based on Feulgen stain, size, and shape, allowing for quick and precise counting.

Load and customize batch scripts to reduce redundancy and automate the counting process.

Automatic Cell Counting with Intelligent Filtering

Automatic filtering algorithms map each cell and prevent the system from double-counting cells in overlapping fields of view. Partial cells, like those cut in half by the edge of the image, are automatically excluded.

Computed Data

  • Cell Number
  • Cell Size
  • Per Cell Integrated Optical Density.   (Used for Genome Size Calculation)
  • Genome Size (in Picograms)
  • Min Genome Size
  • Max Genome Size
  • Mean Genome Size

Application Gallery

From Pixels to Picograms: A Beginners’ Guide to Genome Quantification by Feulgen Image Analysis Densitometry