Vascular Cross Section Study

Stenosis and Stent Performance

Using automated tracing algorithms, BIOQUANT measures the cross-sectional area of the various vascular compartments. 

Color contrast is used to identify different structures in the section. The lumen is easily identified in most sections. Other structures may require immunohistochemistry to identify automatically. BIOQUANT provides various editing tools to identify low-contrast structures in H&E sections.

Once the primary data are collected, the software internally processes the data to produce a final report. 

Images with or without schematic markup are saved to compliment the quantitative data.

Computed Data

  • Stent to Lumen Distance
  • External Elastic Lamina Area
  • Internal Elastic Lamina Area
  • Lumen Area
  • Medial Area
  • Intimal Area
  • % Stenosis
  • Total Stent Area
  • Total Scar Area