Cell Mapping and Analysis

Cell Number and Structural Volume

Using automated tracing algorithms, BIOQUANT measures cross-sectional area in serially sectioned volumes of tissue. 

Vertex and edge data from tracings are used to reconstruct 3-dimensional models of serially sectioned tissue. 

Based on cell-specific staining, BIOQUANT automatically counts cells within the volume of tissue. The contour and location of each cell is also recorded for use in the reconstruction.

Computed Quantitative Data

  • Region Area / Volume

  • Cell Area

  • Cell Number

  • Cell Position

  • Cellular Stain Intensity

Exported Graphical Data

  • 0.5 micron resolution digital scan

  • 2D SVG vector map of cell distribution

  • 3D PLY model of region volume and cells

  • Digital scanning requires BIOQUANT SCAN

  • SVG, PLY Data Requires Topographer Add-on