Cellular mRNA Analysis

Image the slide

BIOQUANT can handle up to 4GB slide scans, or measure directly on a live microscope image. Save the measurement tracings on the scan for easy reproducible results and quality assurance. 

Semi-automated Grain Counting

S35 radiolabeling and silver grain emulsion dipping identify mRNA signals in tissue sections.

Using either standardized circular regions or free-drawn boundaries, BIOQUANT can analyze the degree of grain labeling in a cell population. 

Grains are automatically detected by color thresholding. BIOQUANT calculates the grain density for each cell. Cells with a grain density more than 5X the background grain density are considered significantly labeled.


  • Mean Grain Size

  • Estimated Background Grain Density

  • Estimated Background Grain Number

  • % Cellular Grain Area

  • Estimated Cellular Grain Number

  • Estimated Cellular Grain Density

  • Cellular Grain Density Ratio

Measure AVg Area of one grain and background grains

Find the average size of one grain to help estimate the number of grains for total number of grains, total grains in the background, total grains on cells.

Measure grains per cells

BIOQUANT automatically estimates the number of grains overlapping cells. The % grains per cell is automatically calculated.

Move to an overlapping field of view

BIOQUANT keeps track of previously measured grains and cells, providing tracings that scale with the image if you decide to measure on a different zoom level.