Key Features

BIOQUANT LIFE SCIENCE 2017 17.5.6 was released on May 31, 2017. BIOQUANT strives to provide annual upgrades to users with Technical Service Plans. If you have an active, Technical Services Plan, request your copy below.





The BIOQUANT LIFE SCIENCE 2017 documentation has improved and is now available in multiple formats.


  • PDF Manuals are automatically installed when BIOQUANT LIFE SCIENCE 2016 is installed.
  • PDF Manuals can be opened directly from the desktop (no internet access necessary).
  • The BIOQUANT LIFE SCIENCE 2017 help system now opens the PDF Manual to the corresponding section when the help button, the ? button, or F1 is pressed.


  • The BIOQUANT LIFE SCIENCE 2017 manuals are also available in the EPUB3 format.


  • Both the PDF and eBook Manuals now have video tutorials integrated in the Protocol chapters.

New Feature: Multi-band Thresholding

Threshold now includes Multi-Band functionality to allow for up to five different threshold ranges to be applied at the same time. This allows multiple stains to be thresholded together under one array. 

New Feature: Large Image Navigator - Crop Image

The new Large Image Navigator crop feature allows you to load a large BIF, BMP, JPG, PNG, or TIFF file, and click and drag to extract a region. The extracted region saves as a new image. If a BIF file, the magnification and XY coordinate positioning is retained. This is particularly useful in trimming down odd shaped images for measurement.

New Feature: Restrain Large Image Navigator Pan Box to Region of Interest

The Large Image Navigator will now limit panning around the image to within the Region of Interest. This is of especial interest to those who use Batch Scripts to automatically measure multiple fields of view within one image as the Large Image Navigator now keeps the script within the area of interest.

SCAN Extension: Set Scan By Edges

With the BIOQUANT SCAN Extension add-on, you may now set the boundaries of a Scan by clicking Set Edge at the edges of the tissue. BIOQUANT will redefine the boundaries of the scan based on the cumulative edge clicks. This is great for large specimens that are oddly shaped or circular, as it was difficult to set the middle of the specimen.

Read About Even More Features

This is just a sample of the new features. To read more features read the Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade page.