Imaging: Image Composite Editor

Free, Fast Image Stitching

Microsoft has developed the Image Composite Editor, a piece of software which makes very large digital images out of individual, overlapping smaller images. Originally intended for panoramas taken with digital cameras, it turns out to be very good for microphotography as well!

Capture Your Images

Use BIOQUANT LIFE SCIENCE with the Imaging Extensions and a supported QImaging camera, capture images with at 15% overlap from your microscope. Or capture overapping images with a third party camera using it's software.
ICE does not require that you capture your images in a regular grid, only that the overlap some of the other images. In practice, we find that about a 15% overlap is enough. Approximately regular movement between fields of view is helpful just to make sure you cover the entire sample area, but it's not a requirement of the stitching.


Microsoft Image Composite Editor automatically figures out how the images fit together then lets you export a full resolution seamless image for analysis. The Image Composite Editor supports many different formats, but BMP is probably the best choice: it's uncompressed and compatible with BIOQUANT and many other applications.

Open and Analyze the Scan in BIOQUANT

The image exported from Microsoft ICE is loaded directly into BIOQUANT for analysis. BIOQUANT lets you measure at any magnification, even creating "virtual objectives" like 0.25x so you can see large sections in one field of view. Calibration is handled automatically.

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