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Receptor Binding Assays

BIOQUANT Life Science includes Densitometry Tools for receptor binding assays, quantitative autoradiography, in-situ hybridization histochemistry, and whole-body autoradiography, and grayscale digital cameras/image support.

Selected Software Features

  • Curve fitting for Density Calibrations using seven types of curves including exponential, linear, logarithmic, power, and N-degree polynomial.

  • Calibration curve shows R2 for the curve and relative error for each standard value

  • Data, histograms, and pseudocolor palettes reported in calibrated units

  • Pseudocolor palettes automatically generated from standards

  • Easily save pseudocolor images with overlaid pseudocolor calibration bars

  • Place, move, and erase sampling areas in preview mode before saving data

  • Automatic mode records data for objects that meet threshold and geometric filter criteria

Representative Applications

  • Receptor Binding Assays

  • Quantitative Autoradiography

  • In-situ Hybridization Histochemistry

  • Whole-body Autoradiography

  • Genome Size Quantification by Feulgen Staining

Main Supported Hardware

  • Use Fuji BAS 5000 Phosphorimager to generate IMG + INF files that can be opened in BIOQUANT.

  • Capture direct, live monochrome images using the QImaging RETIGA EXI Monochrome Camera.

  • Digitize film with high-resolution, 4+ OD scanner to generate a 16-bit high resolution TIFF files that can be opened in BIOQUANT.