Retina Layer Structure

Image with Toluidine Blue

TolBlue is an excellent marker for each layer in a retinal cross section.

Cell Number and Layer Thicknesses

In retinal cross-sections, a specialized tool analyzes the thickness of consecutive layers.

Once the boundaries between layers are traced, perpendicular thickness is measured automatically at regularly spaced intervals along the surface.

Collect Choroid Layer Width Data

Using BIOQUANTs Auto Width tool, first draw the outer, then inner surfaces of the choroid layer. BIOQUANT will automatically generate perpendicular, unbiased lines.

Draw Each Sequential Layer

Because BIOQUANT already knows where you left off with each layer, simply draw the inner surface of the new layers, measuring in between. For each field of view you will get a running total for:

  • Choroid Width

  • Pigment Epithelium Width

  • Rod /Cone Width

  • Outer Nuclear Width

  • Outer Plexiform Width

  • Inner Nuclear Width

  • Inner Plexiform Width

  • Ganglion Cell Width

Move to the Next Field of View

On an overlapping field of view, you can see exactly where you left off. You may even leave for the day and continue the next.

Field Two

Repeat the Protocol

Simply repeat the protocol for each remaining field of view. BIOQUANT will keep track of individual widths, showing you the running average in the calculations box.