Technical Service Plans

Live One to One Training

  • Receive one to one training via remote desktop sharing.
  • Let us train new students in the lab.
  • Quickly learn the latest tools to speed up your data collection.

Archive of Recorded Training Videos

  • All trainings are recorded and posted to the lab's space at
  • Build a comprehensive library of training materials unique to the lab.

Priority Technical Support

  • Get problems solved quickly.
  • Keep your system running smoothly.
  • Let us coordinate any hardware repair issues.

Protocol Design Consultation

  • Learn best practices for new projects.
  • Get help creating customized analysis templates for your projects.

Annual Software Upgrades

  • Accelerate current protocols.
  • Add new tools.
  • Maintain compatibility.

Web-based Data Exchange Platform

  • Use space in our image archive to securely store and exchange image data with colleagues.
  • Our platform supports images up to 4GB in size.