Neural Precursor Cell Lines Promote Neurite Branching


Craig M. Neville, Albert Y. Huang, Jeffrey Y. Shyu, Evan Y. Snyder, Tessa A. Hadlock and Cathryn A. Sundback


Schwann cells and primary progenitor cells improve regeneration across peripheral nerve defects. This study examined the impact of immortalized neural precursor cells on regeneration of rat nerve defects. Across 10-mm gaps, neuromas formed without neural cables with C17.2- or RN33B-transplanted cells, but neural cables formed across 5-mm gaps seeded with RN33B cells. In vitro, dorsal root ganglia neurites elongated across Schwann and RN33B cells; RN33B cells induced neurite branching with shorter total outgrowth. Neural cable formation in vivo was likely determined by the balance of guidance and branch-inducing factors secreted by Schwann and transplanted precursor cells.